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John Hamm: Style Jack

Okay, we had a hard time picking between the real life John Hamm and his Mad Men alter ego, Don Draper, because the style’s pretty good either way. Fortunately, there are similarities too, so we decided to split the difference. What do the real life Hamm and the fictional Draper have in common? The ability […]

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Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen: Style Jack

Twilight fever is raging across America. The movie opened Friday, and the books have been consumed by voracious readers across our country for awhile already. The mania has mostly focused on one person: Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson (formerly of Harry Potter fame). In the movie, Edward Cullen is a vampire who is hundreds […]

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Brad Pitt: Style Jack

Brad Pitt is arguably the Hollywood actor that most embodies the word “star”–us men want to be him (he’s with Angelina Jolie, for goodness sake), women want to be with him, and his bone structure resembles that of an ancient Greek statue. While most of us can’t attain this level of godliness, we can definitely […]

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Tom Cruise: Style Jack

While Tom Cruise isn’t as popular these days as he used to be, his sense of style is still top notch. Even his wife, Katie Holmes, is stealing his look, but we still think it looks better on men. The collared shirt and sweater under his blazer are refreshing to see instead of the standard […]

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Nick Cannon: Style Jack

Marrying Mariah Carey has done wonders for this former Nickelodeon kid. Walking the red carpet at a T-Mobile party, it seems as if all he needs is a cigar and brandy to complete the sophisticated vibe. The varying hues of brown, burnt orange and tan come together in harmony, creating a look rivaling that of […]