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Steve Harvey: Style Jack

To dress like an Original King of Comedy, you’ve got to have class (and a bunch of fedoras on standby). If you can’t walk the walk like Steve Harvey, don’t invest in these threads as you’ll be mistaken for a pimp rather than a classy gentleman. Steal some of Steve’s swank with this simple getup […]

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Ne-Yo: Style Jack

When the R&B singer and songwriter combines his signature hats with a more formal look, the style brings us to decades past. Ne-Yo has a way of giving a nod to the ’40s and ’50s and shows us how to dress like a gentlemen. Lucky for us, dressing polished isn’t difficult and it doesn’t have […]

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Matthew McConaughey: Style Jack

So we know Matthew McConaughey can dress his best for the red carpet but he’s probably best known for his laid back style. I mean the guy even has his own line of swim apparel, j.k. livin. The Texas native stuck with what he knows best and kept it casual while recently presenting at the […]

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Gerard Butler: Style Jack

“Gerard” doesn’t sound like a worthy name for a ruggedly hansom action star, and boot-cut jeans don’t seem to fit him either, really. You see, Gerard Butler is in the class of Clive Owen and Daniel Craig – he’s got such an inherently rough exterior that no matter what he throws on, he’ll never look […]

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John Mayer: Style Jack

When he’s not wooing the ladies, John Mayer’s working on his latest songs and we’re guessing his wardrobe, too. John knows how to make a forgettable look a little more interesting with a thoughtful detail – like a gray scarf or casual black and white shoes. His guitar is a nice accessory, too. To all […]