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Zac Efron: Style Jack

If you want to make Vanessa Hudgens swoon, and then later semi break up with you, it doesn’t appear all that difficult to do! You don’t need a zillion dollars and a stylist to look a little like Zac Efron, because the High School Musical star/Hollywood heartthrob keeps things pretty average. He’s always well put […]

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Mort Zuckerman: Style Jack

Want to look like a million bucks? How about a billion bucks? Well, there’s not much of a difference – as you can tell in these before and after photos of real estate/publishing tycoon Mortimer Zuckerman. Over the years, he’s kept it pretty simple with a grey to black suit and a colorful tie. And […]

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Robert Pattinson: Style Jack

The man behind the infamous Edward Cullen once said to InStyle that he doesn’t want to look trendy. But look at Robert Pattinson here rocking two trends: the bomber jacket and high contrast plaid shirt. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence but whatever the reason, it looks like the perfect laid back weekend outfit. Here’s how […]

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Tyler Durden: Style Jack

Fight Club’s Tyler Durden can sell anything – soap, possibly your soul. Part of the allure is his enigmatic personality. But the other part, the part you can emulate a little more easily, are his retro duds. But we highly recommend you avoid black eyes or scratches on the cheek. Fashion doesn’t always have to […]

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John Mayer: Style Jack

The singer is a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, but John Mayer has occasionally been spotted with scarves wrapped around his neck during any season. When it comes to dressing up, Mayer’s red carpet style sticks to the basics. Here he keeps his look timeless with his all black style: The shirt: Long-sleeve black […]