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Style Jack: Sacha Baron Cohen

Are you tall? Dark? Handsome? How about funny? Well, even if you aren’t those things, it’s not a bad idea to adopt Sacha Baron Cohen’s classy look. That doesn’t mean dress up like Borat or Bruno – well, unless it’s Halloween, or you just want to give your friends a good laugh. When Sacha is […]

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Ed Westwick: Style Jack

We’ve seen (and even replicated) the English TV actor’s preppy on-screen look — Chuck Bass ring any bells? Eh, so Gossip Girl may not be on your radar, but real life Ed Westwick has a style to be watched. Westwick has described his look as “glamorous indie rock.” How does one achieve that? Just see […]

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Barack Obama: Style Jack

By now, Michelle Obama’s style is a bit of a dead horse. So it seems natural to move on to her history-making hubby, the President of the United States. From his pre-DC days to his televised Q&A’s, Pres Barack Obama consistently looks sharp. Maybe it’s just because he’s the first good-looking commander-in-chief that we’ve had […]

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Michael Bastian: Style Jack

Designer Michael Bastian is bringing back the old school all-American classics. Why should you mirror his look? Clearly there’s something compelling about his style: Last year, AskMen.com named Bastian one of the Top 49 Most Influential Men and the Council of Fashion Designers of America nominated him for a 2009 menswear fashion award. Here’s how […]

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Lebron James: Style Jack

This NBA player doesn’t stop showing off when he’s done shooting hoops – take this look, for example. It’s way more detailed than you probably realize. Lebron James cares about how he appears and he spends quite a lot of time planning out every accessory and item of clothing (or at least his stylist does). […]