Wardrobe Remix, Casual Suit Guidelines, Hot Hypercolor and More: Web Round-Up


See Jack Shop brings you links to the latest styles, trends and tips from around the web.

~ Debonair Magazine laid out seven wallet-friendly brands including Reiss, which David DeStefano says is “on the rise, spreading its relatable-yet-high-end style to men around the world.” The mag adds the tailored and quality styles are closet staples.

~ People watching from the comfort of your own computer is just what Wardrobe Remix is all about. StyleFeeder’s Tastemaker Dairies looks toward the Flickr group for inspiration from people with different real-life styles.

~ Don’t be that guy. Yes, the overtly casual guy in a suit. Learn the do’s and don’ts of getting laid back after 5 p.m. from manshion. The key is not to try so hard according to Details magazine, which features a video of “misguided men’s style” in L.A.

~ “Hypercolor is hot again�? according to the Los Angeles Times. This trend brings us back to the ‘90s when touching your clothes or even sweating changed the color of the fabric. An inexpensive option: American Apparel’s sheer jersey cotton unisex tee, $34.

~ Japan’s TokyoFlash compares the rotating disc effect on their new Nekura Tumbler watch to a combination lock – the white dial peaks out behind black glass while as the numbers rotate. Men’s Style.com news blog describes the $84 watch as “eye-catching, thanks to a curving band and scale-style display.”