Product Review: Everyman Jack Shaving Cream


n the spirit of full disclosure, when it comes to shaving, I am gel man through and through. The other day Mrs. Jack (aka The Budget Fashionista) came home from her personal heaven on earth (Target), bearing Everyman Jack (no relation) shaving cream. Everyman Jack (no relation) has been lauded for it’s great package design, which is very well done, and certainly appeals to the spartan nature of Jacks everywhere. I’m sad to say that is about the only good thing about the shaving cream.

I like a nice full bodied shaving experience that feels like I’m sticking my face in a bucket of pretty girls. Everyman Jack (again, no relation) is a lot like shaving with dollar store glue and a butter knife. Believe me, I know (that’s a post for another day). It was very sticky, making it hard for the razor to glide across my skin. I wish that some of the money they put into market-testing their product design had been spent instead on the actual product.