Post-Purchase Surveys: Take a Survey, Get a Coupon. Is it Worth it?

Have you ever wondered if those surveys you get with your Old Navy purchase are worth the time and effort to complete? Well wonder no more. I recently took one of those surveys to evaluate the time it takes, how invasive the questions are and if the payoff, usually a percentage off, is worth the effort. The short of it is it took about 10 minutes to answer the 20 or so questions. My reward for ten minutes of time was a 10% off my next purchase, with a few caveats of course. I’ll get to those shortly.

As I mentioned the survey I took was for Old Navy. The good part of the survey is no barrier to entry. You just go to a URL provided on your receipt and get started. In the 20 or so pages of questions they ask demographic information such as race, sex and income. Nothing too invasive there and that’s about as personal as it gets. Other questions ranged from what you thought about the fitting rooms, your check out experience and how you felt about the clothing styles and fits. I know 20 pages sounds like a lot, but there were at most two questions per page. There was a conditional question which probed why I gave a low score to pant, jean and bottom fits. It was nice the survey noticed I was dissatisfied with something and asked for information on how they might be able to fix it.

The only negative experience I had with the survey was the length. I found myself anticipating the last question and being disappointed when I had to go through another round of Q&A. Eventually I was just answering questions to get to my coupon. So the reward for spending 10 minutes taking the survey was a 10% off coupon. I’d say 1% off per minute is a pretty good rate of return. There was some fine print on the coupon, but overall the terms were reasonable. I have 3 months to use my coupon, but I can’t use it at or the Old Navy outlet. I can’t use the coupon with other offers or to buy gift cards, but those terms are pretty standard.

So is it worth it? Depends. If you plan on spending $100 to $200 dollars you might want to give the survey a go. That will save you $10 to $20 which is a free pair of boxers or a new polo. It’s probably not worth your time if you’re just going in for a tee. You only end up saving about a dollar. You’d be better off looking for a code on or by searching for “old navy coupon”