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Suntan in a Bottle: Grooming Advice

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Since most of us aren’t blessed with the ability to be instantly tan and ready for the skin-bearing days of summer, many of the cosmetics companies have come out with various self-tanning products. Some make the user appear orange while other products simply don’t work at all. But we recently got hold of a great […]

The Right Cologne for Your Skin Type: Grooming Advice

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Many men approach buying cologne one of two ways: They either peruse the cologne counter at their local department store, smelling every cologne until they find a scent they think they like; or they continue to wear the same cologne they’ve worn since they first discovered cologne during their school days. But according to AskMen.com, […]

Chewing Gum for that “Not-So-Fresh��? Feeling: Grooming Advice

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Chewing gum has been the inexpensive cure for the common occurrence of bad breath for a long time now. But with so many brands, flavors, and styles on the market these days, it’s hard to choose which ones are the best and which are simply eye candies. Orbit Gum: Orbit makes some of the most […]

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men: Grooming Advice

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Chances are you’ve heard of Clinique, though probably not for your own purposes. Clinique is one of the biggest names in cosmetics but has only more recently begun to make a foray into the world of men’s products. We recently got a hold of a few of the Clinique Skin Supplies for Men and decided […]

Get the Most of Grooming on the Go: Advice

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Leaving town isn’t an excuse to let your well-honed grooming habits go to pot. Luckily, shops like Target and most of the drug store brands have made it incredibly easy to get micro-sized versions of all your favorite grooming products. You can also take this opportunity to try new products for a cheaper price. Cool […]