Articles written by: Chris

Five Shopping Tips for Guys

Whether you love shopping or hate it, eventually you gotta do it. Our tips to help you save some green and look awesome. 1.) Shop in the store but buy online. You could save some serious dough. Many times stores will offer some pretty good discounts on their web sites and even include free shipping. […]

Six Awesome iPad covers under $30

iPad Covers

The iPad is Apple’s newest fad technology. It’s a computer, a music player, a video player, and all around guy gadget. If you have an iPad you are already pretty hip, but there are still ways to be even more original and set yourself apart from the rest. One of these six awesome iPad covers […]

Five Designers Every Man Should Know

Men's Designers

Fashion design and walking the red carpet is no longer limited to the women of Hollywood. Fashion in today’s world is equally important to men. It isn’t just celebrities anymore either, average men going out with their wives for dinner care just as much as the Celebrity Stars hitting the clubs of Vegas or LA. […]