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Summer Alternatives to Loafers: Advice

Loafers and sandals seem to be the common picks among men going from workdays to the weekend. We’ve looked at the Bucks, a sneaker alternative and even checked out one of Details’ summer essentials, the suede lace-up. However, one avid See Jack Shop reader caught our attention by finding another summer alternative to the loafer, which is casual, comfortable yet trendy enough for a night out.

SJS reader Kevin was bored of the loafer and was looking for a higher top. His first thought, the Chelsea boot. But his preference won out over the thick leather riding boot – Timberland’s taupe canvas Rippler Chukka.

What a find! The organic cotton canvas shoe has fewer layers than the Chelsea boot making it sleek and well suited for the warm months. It’s water resistant and the leather toe/heel make the boot sturdy. Even more appealing is its price, $49.99 (originally $90) from Timberland.

Other similar options for a summer loafer alternative includes:

Clarks desert boot

Clarks lightweight desert boot is available in three suede colors from Amazon, ranging from $54.90 – $89.99.

Camper suede Peu

Camper Peu has a suede upper in brown or tan with contrast stitching, removable footbed and flexible rubber sole is on sale for $86.25 (originally $169) from

Vans canvas desert boot

Vans Rata Plus is another desert boot with distressed tan plaid canvas upper, bamboo and charcoal soles along with a rubber sole from Urban Outfitters, $50.

Braun Discounted at

The Deal: Get $50 off your order when you spend $199 on Braun shavers, razors, and replacement blades. They’re all already on sale.

What We Say: Braun is a trusted brand of shaving equipment. The discounts on the merchandise is good, and knocking 50 bucks off the final total is a nice incentive. The names of these shavers treat them like automobiles. Would you like the Braun CruZer3 2865 iconfor $52.99? How about the BMW of Braun’s shaving equipment, the 360 Degree Complete Premium Shaver iconthat comes in at $174.98? We’re making jokes, but these sales are a good deal. Check them out.

Lee Denim on Sale

The Deal: Lee Men's Authentics is 55% off.

What We Say: These aren’t your dad’s Lee jeans. The premium denim is in 2008’s shapes, lengths and washes. Some are skinnier and more European, while others are baggy and would naturally clash with Italian loafers and go better with Nikes. While we like the darker washes, the lighter ones are cool as well.

These X-Line Ripleys are an easy fit. Neither too baggy nor too tight, Goldilocks would love them. If she was a man. Now $68, down from $150.

The X-Line Powell cut is narrow and hugs the leg. If you’re a wannabe rockstar and have the attitude to pull these off with great Italian leather shoes, then go for it. $68.00, down from $150.

We do not know the origin of the name of the Jarbo Jacket–perhaps a play on Garbo? Either way, this denim motorcycle jacket is a good choice on a cool night, in air conditioning, or just carry it around and offer it to shivering females. $75.00, down from $165.00.

SJS Pick: NikeID- Design Your Own Sneakers from the Colors of Your World

What: NikeID, the recently launched mobile initiative from the clever folks at Nike, that allows “creative culture addicts the opportunity to create personalized sneakers from the visual world around them.” Marketing jumbo translation: It allows you to snap a photo of an image with your cell phone and use the colors in that image to custom design your own Nike kicks.

Why Jack Loves it: Cause how many times have you walked down the street and thought a color would look good on a new pair of sneakers Okay, maybe not that many times, but just in the off chance you see a wonderful sunset and think “Gee, that color would look awesome on pair of Nike Dunks”, this service is pretty awesome.

The Catch: Like most cool things, it’s only available in Europe.

Summer Fashion: Dark Knight Effect

Though it’s only mid-summer, fashion will probably be getting a little darker in the weeks to come, thanks to the influence of the new installment of Batman — The Dark Knight. What this means is a couple of things — black is back, and Batman logos will be everywhere.

Black in the summer? Hey, black is always cool, and there’s a way to do it without sweating bullets (a lightweight pique polo is a good choice — though we’re thinking Batman never sweats, no matter what). And while we’re not really big on logos there’s a way to do that, too, without overdoing it (like picking up one subtle logo t-shirt on the cheap and expect to turn it into a weekend helping-your-buddy-move shirt before too long.

The Polo: Short Sleeved Pique Polo, $29.50, Old Navy

The Black Jean: Mossimo Dean Dirty Jean, Black, $34.99, Target

The Sneaker: PF Flyers Men’s Center Lo., on sale $29.99, Famous Footwear

Obligatory Batman Logo T-Shirt: DC Comics Batman Hush Logo T-shirt, $19, Hot Topic

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