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Daily Deal: Designer T-Shirt Sale at Bluefly

What: Designer T-shirts (including long-sleeve styles for fall) are marked down, up to 40% off.

The Lowdown: You can never have enough t-shirts, and now’s your chance to throw out that ratty Class of XX (like you want to admit that anyway!) and take a style step up. Meet the dark plum, cotton ‘Patchwork’ t-shirt by Marc Jacobs, which proves you can have the comfort of a t-shirt and still look like a grown-up. And Bluefly makes it easy to get designer-on-a-budget: 40% off plus an additional 10% off at checkout. Check out all your options here.

Shop: @Bluefly. Take an additional 10% off at checkout – use this code: 9BDTCND


Men’s Fashion Rule #24: Vertical Stripes Make You (look) Thinner

Wearing a shirt with light colored vertical stripes will make you look thinner.


The contrast of the lighter stripe with the darker color forces the eye to travel vertically, rather than horizontally. Don’t believe me? Turn a vertically striped shirt so the stripes are horizontal and then turn it back vertically. I bet you the vertical view was easier on the eyes.

If you MUST where horizontal stripes, wear the shirt underneath a blazer- the human can only see the space between the lapels of the blazer, thus making the width of your torso appear smaller.

Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Preppy Regent Shirt, on sale for $49.99 at


Daily Deal: Men’s Raw Embroidered Jeans at

What: Men’s raw embroidered jeans 57% off at

The Lowdown: These embroidered jeans by CSTAR are hot, raw, and embroidered to boot, tailor-made for the more fearless among you. Right now, they’re marked down to just $29.99 at Different patterns and styles are also available for the same price, so go ahead and check them out here.



Tips for Finding a Barber

Whenever I go to the barbers, there are always a couple of guys with empty chairs. They look up hopefully when I enter and ask if I need a haircut. I point to Dane, my barber, and say, “I already got a guy”.

It’s from Dane that I learned the secrets to a good hair cut. Here they go..

1. Go local.

I like going to the neighborhood barbershop. While Supercuts is good in a pinch, it helps to find someone who is a Barber, and treats it as his or her craft (not just as a side gig). Also, while there are certainly some very good high-end barbers, watch out for salon settings. There are very talented people there, but going to the barbershop has been for me at least a very male experience, where anything and everything is discussed, and salons do not to translate that experience very well. Also neighborhood barbers tend to be significantly cheaper than salon barbers.

2. Always go to the same person.

Your hair has a personality, and it usually takes a barber a couple of times before he or she can get it right. Once you find a haircut that suits you, your barber won’t even need to ask you what you want. Also, it feels good to “have a barber”, a person whose job is to make sure you are well groomed.

3. Tip.

Always tip your barber. This is a service. Most neighborhood barbers rent their chair and have to pay weekly, the number of “heads” they cut does not factor into the price they have to pay. If you like your barber, tip him or her. It’ll get them to their rent faster, compensate for slow days, and more likely that they will stick around.

4. Tip Well.

This is the secret to VIP service. I have my barber’s cell phone number. I call him when I’m about 45 to 60 minutes out from coming, by the time I get there, my seat is waiting for me. That enables me to be in and out. He let’s me know when he’s going out of town so we can adjust our schedule accordingly. It almost feels like a strategic partnership. For this I tip him 25 to 50 percent of the price of the hair cut (which really isn’t much because the neighborhood barbers tend to be cheaper). Come the holiday, I’ll probably slip him a bit extra. Although it pays to be special, it still feels special.

Product Review: Everyman Jack Shaving Cream

n the spirit of full disclosure, when it comes to shaving, I am gel man through and through. The other day Mrs. Jack (aka The Budget Fashionista) came home from her personal heaven on earth (Target), bearing Everyman Jack (no relation) shaving cream. Everyman Jack (no relation) has been lauded for it’s great package design, which is very well done, and certainly appeals to the spartan nature of Jacks everywhere. I’m sad to say that is about the only good thing about the shaving cream.

I like a nice full bodied shaving experience that feels like I’m sticking my face in a bucket of pretty girls. Everyman Jack (again, no relation) is a lot like shaving with dollar store glue and a butter knife. Believe me, I know (that’s a post for another day). It was very sticky, making it hard for the razor to glide across my skin. I wish that some of the money they put into market-testing their product design had been spent instead on the actual product.


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