Daily Deal: Designer T-Shirt Sale at Bluefly

What: Designer T-shirts (including long-sleeve styles for fall) are marked down, up to 40% off. The Lowdown: You can never have enough t-shirts, and now’s your chance to throw out that ratty Class of XX (like you want to admit that anyway!) and take a style step up. Meet the dark plum, cotton ‘Patchwork’ t-shirt […]

Daily Deal: Men’s Raw Embroidered Jeans at Amazon.com

What: Men’s raw embroidered jeans 57% off at Amazon.com The Lowdown: These embroidered jeans by CSTAR are hot, raw, and embroidered to boot, tailor-made for the more fearless among you. Right now, they’re marked down to just $29.99 at Amazon.com. Different patterns and styles are also available for the same price, so go ahead and […]

Tips for Finding a Barber

Whenever I go to the barbers, there are always a couple of guys with empty chairs. They look up hopefully when I enter and ask if I need a haircut. I point to Dane, my barber, and say, “I already got a guy”. It’s from Dane that I learned the secrets to a good hair […]

Product Review: Everyman Jack Shaving Cream

n the spirit of full disclosure, when it comes to shaving, I am gel man through and through. The other day Mrs. Jack (aka The Budget Fashionista) came home from her personal heaven on earth (Target), bearing Everyman Jack (no relation) shaving cream. Everyman Jack (no relation) has been lauded for it’s great package design, […]