Daily Roundup for April 17, 2007

The Best New Designers in America. “Some fashion designers make statements; some even make art. And then there are those who make clothes. Given a choice, we’ll take the last of the bunch.” [via] Trimming Your Eyebrows. “While you can save money and style yours perfectly according to your expectations, there are some tips you […]

How to Save Money on Eyeglasses

Is there a logical reason why new eyeglasses cost $300-$500? Could I find a better deal online? These are the questions that have been swirling around in my mind as Tobias and I both search for a pair of new glasses before the end of the year (and the end of our 2006 flexible spending […]

Men’s Fashion Daily Roundup – April 13th

25 Best Beers In America. “Think of this list as a scorecard, with points to debate and notes for inspiration. Which is to say, you’ve got some drinking to do.” [via] 5 Steps To A Smooth Shave. “While you may have developed your own shaving routine, the daily repetition in the early morning often yields […]