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Daily Roundup for April 17, 2007

The Best New Designers in America. “Some fashion designers make statements; some even make art. And then there are those who make clothes. Given a choice, we’ll take the last of the bunch.” [via]

Trimming Your Eyebrows. “While you can save money and style yours perfectly according to your expectations, there are some tips you should keep in mind before you start trimming your own brows at home.”

How to fold a pocket square. “If you haven’t heard guys, pocket squares are all the rage. Think Fred Astaire meets the 21st century (without the top hat of course).”

Puma’s Mongolian Shoe BBQ. “…you can design your own set of Pumas much as you’d assemble a delicious, artery-clogging Mongolian BBQ meal.”


Add this to Your Closet: Men’s Mossimo® Shayne White Driving Moccasins, $34.99 at Target

If there’s one place that we can dare to be a little different, it’s our shoes. These white leather driving moccasins by Mossimo (who’s married to woman who played Uncle Jessie’s wife on that jewel of a TV show ‘Full House’) not only adds a bit of cool to any outfit, the shoes are also very comfortable. And when they get dirty, cause you know they will, just cover the scuffs with the same white shoe polish you use to keep you sneakers looking fresh.

How to wear these shoes:

- Pair them up with a pair of dark jeans and polo shirt.

- Channel your inner “Miami Vice” and pair it with a khaki summer suit and white dress shirt.

- Go straight Hamptons, and wear the shoes with an all white ensemble (but be careful).

Buy Them: Driving Moccasins, $34.99 at Target.


Yea or Nay: Adidas Stan Smith Comfort Safety, $95.00 at UrbanOutfitters

While these shoes definitely appeal to the inner Spicoli (Sean Penn’s character from Fast Times at Richmond High) in all of us, $95 bucks for a pair of Velcro shoes is lot of dough. Now if Phoebe Cates came with the shoes…..

Yea or Nay: Adidas Stan Smith Comfort Safety Shoes, $95.00 at

How to Save Money on Eyeglasses

Is there a logical reason why new eyeglasses cost $300-$500?

Could I find a better deal online?

These are the questions that have been swirling around in my mind as Tobias and I both search for a pair of new glasses before the end of the year (and the end of our 2006 flexible spending account).  I’ve always suspected that eyeglasses were overpriced (my eyes are bad, but $500 bucks???), now I have proof.

We stumbled upon this very informative blog post at called “Eyeglasses Stores are for Suckers”, where the blogger wrote about his struggle to find reasonably priced eye wear and how he was able to find a solid pair of glasses, including lens with all the fixins, for less than $100.  I did some follow up research and found that, according to an MIT report on vision correction in developing nations, that the cost of mass produced glasses is around $2 a pair.  Why the high cost of glasses? Well.. you’re paying for overhead like rent for the store, advertising, etc. Plus frames is where most of the eyeglass stores make their money. Also the powers that be know that blind folks like myself really need glasses to live.

That being said, I, like most eyeglass wearers, like to try on frames before purchasing them.  It’s virtually impossible to tell how a frame will look on your face WITHOUT trying them on.

So here’s what you do….

Always, always go to a board certified Ophthalmologist (especially if you have insurance that will pay for it) and get an eye exam. Once you have a prescription, head to retail stores like Len Crafters and/or a local eyeglass store, and use these stores as “fitting rooms” to find out what brand fits your face, personal style, etc. Write down the frame details- manufacturer, style number, etc and then head online to eBay or to your nearest Costco or Sam’s Club to see if you can find it for less. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save ( up to $200 OFF regular prices).  Last week on eBay, I saw Chanel and D&G frames selling for around $100, about a $400 saving off store prices. I would get my lenses created a reputable store for my main pair of glasses, but try some of the online shops for extra pairs or if you wear your contacts more than your glasses.

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Men’s Fashion Daily Roundup – April 13th

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5 Steps To A Smooth Shave. “While you may have developed your own shaving routine, the daily repetition in the early morning often yields bad habits and shortcuts that may be preventing you from enjoying the best shave possible.”

Top 5 Foods to Prevent Bad Breath. “Doctors will tell you that if you have bad breath, you should first make sure you are eating right” [via]

Search Engine For Gadgets, Electronics. “A search engine made specifically for finding information on gadgets and consumer electronics? I’m in love.”


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