Reasons to Love Hoodies

Do you know what every man needs? A really great hoody. I don’t care if they’re over-your-head types or zip-ups, every man who wants to look good needs to get hold of one of these. They’re no longer just for lazy Sundays or going running. It’s time to look at the hoody in a whole new light, and I’m going to tell you why.

Quick style tip: Wear more color

Somewhere along the line men became scared to wear color. I’m sure that we could do some in-depth study of color and gender identity, but it’ll boil down to one thing: color is not seen as manly. However, I will submit to you dear reader that there is nothing more manly than wearing color. It projects confidence and can inject a little vibrancy into your life.


Let the NFL’s Tom Brady Shape Your Style

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is clearly one to watch, not only because he’s a three-time Super Bowl winner, but because he clearly knows what he’s doing in the fashion stakes. After all, he’s managed to snag gorgeous Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bündchen, so he must be doing something right!
To score his style, don’t waste your time lounging around in sportswear. Tom leaves the pitch well and truly behind when it comes to his clothing, opting for a mix of smart casual that I haven’t seen anyone pull off so well. So what are the key aspects of the Tom Brady look?

The blazer and jeans combo
This look is suitable for all sorts of occasions, from casual weekends spent lounging about looking relaxed but sharp, to dates spent wondering why your girlfriend doesn’t look like Gisele now that you’ve got the Tom Brady look down to a T… Just accessorize with a checked scarf knotted at the neck and a pair of shades if you can get away with it. Tom adds even more interest to the look by wearing a graphic-print tee. If you’re a tall guy like 6’4″ Mr Brady, don’t waste your time on the high street; specialist stores like Jacamo sell graphic tees that’ll fit your tall or large frame, no problem. To finish his outfit, a black holdall serves as the one and only nod to Tom’s sports roots in the look he’s rocking here.

Go chino
Tom’s smart/casual mash up continues in the form of chinos and a layered three-quarter sleeve top. His signature knotted scarf makes another appearance, this time in black, and the dark glasses haven’t been forgotten. Smart shoes work with the chinos to create an expensive look, while the cut of the T-shirt shows off his toned arms, keeping the look young and fresh. Taller men will benefit from taking a leaf out of Tom’s book and balancing out long legs with a longer length top. This guy certainly knows what he’s doing; the vertical line of the scarf also lengthens his torso to put it into proportion with his legs.


Tips for the last minute shopper

So with a few days to christmas (or any “special” day really: Anniversary, Birthday, Valetine, etc,) you still haven’t gotten the perfect gift for your loved one? Don’t panic! Here are a few tips to keep in mind as we get closer to the big day.

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Touchscreen Pocket Watch

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