Reasons to Love Hoodies


Do you know what every man needs? A really great hoody. I don’t care if they’re over-your-head types or zip-ups, every man who wants to look good needs to get hold of one of these. They’re no longer just for lazy Sundays or going running. It’s time to look at the hoody in a whole […]

Quick style tip: Wear more color

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Somewhere along the line men became scared to wear color. I’m sure that we could do some in-depth study of color and gender identity, but it’ll boil down to one thing: color is not seen as manly. However, I will submit to you dear reader that there is nothing more manly than wearing color. It […]

Let the NFL’s Tom Brady Shape Your Style


Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is clearly one to watch, not only because he’s a three-time Super Bowl winner, but because he clearly knows what he’s doing in the fashion stakes. After all, he’s managed to snag gorgeous Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bündchen, so he must be doing something right! To score his […]

Things we’re digging today: Touchscreen Pocket Watch

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Maybe because it’s cool, maybe because we like retro, or maybe we just like watches, but what ever the case this serves all three whims. The touchscreen pocket watch by Tokyo Flash is now firmly on our christmas list. Actually, you don’t need to wait for Christmas, anytime would do. Now I’m just wondering what […]